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I am so glad you dropped by my website!  Here are a few things you should know about my photography:

-I offer custom photography which requires an investment on both my part and the client's part and I realize this type of photography is not for everyone. I am a firm believer in quality over quantity, and  I strive to reflect this in my images and products.  If you share the same view, let's talk!  

-I am not a high volume photographer. I am not interested in booking as many back to back sessions as I can cram in; I want each session to be relaxed, fun, unique, and not rushed.  I book a very limited number of sessions each month to ensure that I give my clients my very best.

-I shoot outdoors only in the natural light of the sun.  The best time to do this is in the beautiful light of the “golden hour,” which is about 2 hours before sunset. (Please don’t ask me to shoot at high noon or other times.  It really makes a difference in the photos, I promise!)  I only book one session during this time so you will have ALL my attention because I am not having to rush off to another shoot.  

-Typically, sessions will last between 1 to 2 hours.  I want to have plenty of time to work with you and get your best poses.  

-After your shoot, I will begin the process of editing your images.  I don't send them off to be edited, I do this myself, paying careful attention to all of the details.  Although I carefully retouch every image, I like to keep it very natural. That means skin will be smoother and blemish free, but not “plastic” looking.  I do not do special effects like spot coloring, dramatic dark or light vignettes, etc.  But if that's your style, that’s okay!  There are many photographers out there, each with his or her own signature look.  I promise not to get my feelings hurt if our style and vision don’t mesh. In fact, I would be happy to refer you somewhere else. 

These are the types of photography I currently offer:

High School Senior  I want to create an unforgettable experience for high school seniors. I work closely with them to create a relaxed atmosphere where I can capture their personalities on camera. I strive to always photograph seniors in a positive light.  I feel this means no bikini or bathing suit pictures for girls, and no bare chests for boys.

Maternity  I love to capture a woman's beauty during this special time in her life. Maternity sessions should ideally be scheduled in the seventh month of pregnancy.  Maternity sessions now come with "announcement" pictures that can be taken in your early weeks if you want to shout it out to the world!  Contact me for more details.  

Engagement/Couples  Let's work together to create a fun and beautiful session of the two of you!  This session is also be for moms and dads who have not had their pictures made together in years.  The perfect Valentine's day or anniversary gift.  Engagement sessions come with free "save the date" pictures that can be taken at an earlier time than typical engagement pictures are taken.  Contact me for more details.

Family and Children My family sessions are relaxed and fun, and I don't mind crawling around in the mud to get shots of little ones if I have to.  I love to photograph families interacting with each other, so your final gallery will have a mix of traditional portrait-style images as well as lifestyle and detail shots.  Lifestyle shots are important to me!  I do not feel that children (or anyone) must always be looking into the camera and smiling in order for the picture to be a good one. I hope you share my same view point that children should look like children, especially little girls.  I do not photograph pageant pictures, and I choose to keep children's sessions age appropriate.

Bridal  Let me capture all the beauty of you in your gorgeous wedding dress in a relaxed and not "wedding-day-rushed" environment.  You will be glad you booked a bridal portrait session. 

Individual Portraits  How long has it been since you've had a professional picture taken alone?  Individual portraits sessions are not just for high school seniors, but for people of all ages.  Do this for your loved ones and for yourself.   

First Look Sessions  Due to an overwhelming amount of inquiries about shooting weddings (I do not), I am now offering "First Look" bride and groom sessions.  This session is for the bride and groom only.  Please email me if interested and I will send you more information.  This package is done a little differently than my regular sessions.  I limit the amount of first look sessions I take per year.

I do not photograph weddings at this time.  Babies should be old enough to be able to sit up alone unless they are being held.  I do not do boudoir, newborn, pageant pictures or event photography. 

Thank you so much  for visiting my website!